All About Broom Shrubs – 10 Best Types

All About Broom Shrubs – 10 best types of broom shrubs with pictures. Check out the best varieties of broom shrubs and find out how to grow broom shrubs with wonderful yellow broom flowers.

How To Grow Crape Myrtles

Crape myrtles are a terrific low-maintenance choice for prolific blooms, while still being easy to maintain. They have practically hundreds of sizes, shades, and colors available. Crape myrtles bloom in mid-summer, blossoming in colors ranging from white, purple to pink and red.

Bamboos – Lovely Hardy Exotics

Along with all the other hardy exotics with which they associate so happily – palms, tree ferns, phormiums, and the like – bamboos have deservedly grown in popularity. For many years the real potential of bamboos in the garden was not exploited, and as a result, their full beauty was not appreciated.

Hickory Trees: About the 3 Best Types

Hickory trees are very attractive and tall trees that are known to be outstanding shade trees. They grow between 60 and 80 feet tall with a diameter of approximately 40 feet. Hickory trees are widespread in temperate rain forests in North America and some areas of Asia.

10 Topiary & Hedging Ideas with Pictures

Topiary is a must-have feature in 21-century Gardens – but Topiary shapes can be very different depending on the Garden’s size. There are many Techniques for various Topiary Plants. Find out which Plants you want for Hedging and Topiary.

Best 9 Types of Trees for Small Gardens

What are the Best Types of Trees for Small Gardens? Well, there are so many Types of Trees, and it’s not easy to decide. The Best Tree for a Small Garden may be a Gingko, a Mapple, or one of many other Types of Trees. Look at some of the Best Types of Trees and Design Tips for a Small Garden.

Varieties of Shrubs – How to Plant Shrubs

If you want to know how to plant Shrubs or just everything about all the Varieties of Shrubs – you shouldn’t miss this Article. What are deciduous Shrubs, and which Types of Shrubs are evergreen Shrubs? Get Tipps on where to plant Shrubs and find the Answer to the Question: When do Shrubs grow?