Gardening in January – 1. Frost and Snow

Gardening in January is much more important than one might think. You want to make sure your Plants survive Frost and Snow. You have to do some Dirty Work to Prepare your Garden and start Planting in January. The First of the Three Parts will explain How Plants survive Frost and other Winter conditions.

Gardening in January – 2. Garden Work

Is there some garden work to do in January? Can you work outdoors or should you only work indoors? There is a lot of garden work to do in January. Preparing your garden in winter is important. You need to order seeds, prepare beds for your plants and protect your plants from frost.

Gardening in January – 3. Planting

In the third part of the Guide to gardening in January – we will focus on planting and plant care in January. Some Flowers can be planted already and need special attention. You can sow Seeds in January like Pelargoniums or Sweat Peas.

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