Gardening Jobs in January

The Weather in January

The coldest nights of the year often occur during January, with the worst affected areas being inland, well away from the coast. The western coastal regions can be surprisingly mild in some years and gardens in inner cities are usually a degree or two warmer than those in more exposed country areas.

There are often wide temperature variations between different parts of the country. Although sheltered areas in the south and west may still not have received very severe and damaging frosts, Scotland and other northern areas will almost certainly have been affected.

Snow is almost certain to be a problem for short periods this month, except in milder areas such as the Isle of Man, the extreme south-west of England and coastal areas of southern Ireland. Light falls of snow cause little damage and require no action, but heavy falls can break or damage branches on shrubs and trees and the snow should be knocked off the branches before damage occurs.

Heavy snow can also damage fruit cages if the top nets have been left on, so it is a good idea to remove and store the nets if you have not already done so.