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Gardening Jobs in January

In January, the middle of winter, thoughts of gardening may still seem a distant dream – rather like the summer holidays. But this is the turning point of the year when you can increasingly start to enjoy gardening again.

Much cold weather lies ahead, but often the first spring bulbs are poking through the ground, the buds on many shrubs and trees are beginning to swell and the days are starting to grow longer – albeit almost imperceptibly.

There are not many outdoor jobs that can be done, but planning, buying, and starting off the season in the greenhouse are all pleasant tasks to undertake now. And they all satisfy the urge to be doing something constructive for the gardening year ahead.

List of Gardening Jobs in January

  • Order seeds for January or February sowing. There is a possibility of some lag time between ordering and seed delivery.
  • Make sure that plants that are susceptible to frost damage are properly protected.
  • Whenever branches are bent under the weight of snow, you should knock it off.
  • Make sure the stakes and ties that are used to secure the trees are in good shape and not rubbing against the trunk.
  • If you have fish in the pond, be sure to keep an area of water ice free.
  • Make sure that you check on bulbs indoors every week so you won’t miss flowering.