Gardening in March – 1. Early Spring

Gardening in March brings fair-weather gardeners out of hibernation. Mid-March is usually the start of the spring season, providing opportunities for more varied gardening work with the increasing number of days of sunshine.

Gardening in March – 2. Garden Work

Gardening in March has a great amount of garden work to be done. It is an extremely busy month in the garden, so if we do some things now we’ll be able to get a major head start on the upcoming garden work.

Gardening in March – 3. Planting

Feel like it’s too early for you to think about gardening in March? Not even close, because it is the prime time for planting in March. There are many cool-weather veggies made for earlier spring weather that can withstand the cool, early days of spring.

Gardening in February – 1. Weather in February

Although described as late winter, February can be the coldest month of the year. It is also a period of rapid change. Gardening in February means gardening when the garden begins to stir from its winter slumber.

Gardening in February – 2. Garden Work

Gardening in February includes all the garden work to prepare your greenhouse and soil for planting. It can be a time of considerable activity if you have a greenhouse, exceptionally maintained at a temperature warm enough for propagation.

Gardening in February – 3. Planting

Gardening in February is crucial as the spring lies ahead, and you need to sow seeds in February, or you may miss out on the bloom in Spring. Planting in February can be a lot of work and should be done if the weather is suitable.

Gardening in January – 1. Frost and Snow

Gardening in January is much more important than one might think. You want to make sure your Plants survive Frost and Snow. You have to do some Dirty Work to Prepare your Garden and start Planting in January. The First of the Three Parts will explain How Plants survive Frost and other Winter conditions.

Gardening in January – 2. Garden Work

Is there some garden work to do in January? Can you work outdoors or should you only work indoors? There is a lot of garden work to do in January. Preparing your garden in winter is important. You need to order seeds, prepare beds for your plants and protect your plants from frost.

Gardening in January – 3. Planting

In the third part of the Guide to gardening in January – we will focus on planting and plant care in January. Some Flowers can be planted already and need special attention. You can sow Seeds in January like Pelargoniums or Sweat Peas.