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Tomato Plants

Tomatoes should be planted outside after the last average frost date. In warm winter/hot summer areas, tomatoes can be planted in early fall for winter harvest. Tomato plants prefer well drained soil that is high in organic matter. Tomatoes need at least 1 inch of water a week. Soak to depth of 6 to 10 inches when watering. Your tomato plant(s) will need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. 

From small fruits to tomatoes as heavy as 2+ lbs each, we have a wide selection of healthy live plants to please every taste bud and culinary enthusiast.  there are plenty of meals that you can prepare year round and never have to spend a dime at the grocery store on tomatoes again.  Some plants produce so many fruits that you'll probably be giving many away!


Big Beef Tomato

The Tomato Big Beef, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', is a beefmaster type with twice the yields. Coupled with old-fashioned, rich flavor Big Beef features colossal fruit size and yield, uniformity and a full spectrum of disease resistance. The fruits are globe-shaped and smooth, weighing 8 oz. to 1 pound. It is a indeterminate variety to try in virtually any climate because they adapt easily to different environments.


Big Girl Tomato

The Tomato Big Girl, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', features a solid fruit that matures to a rich red color. Big Girl is a heavy producer of large, bright red, firm fruits weighing up to 1 pound. This variety is full-season bearing and is more crack-tolerant. Big Girls are a highly adaptable intermediate tomato variety and they are resistant to verticillium and fusarium wilts.


Sunsugar Tomato

The Tomato Sunsugar, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', produces beautiful golden cherry tomatoes with very sweet taste. They have good crack resistance, but they still retain a thin skin. The tall growing plants set loads of golden fruits filled with sweetness and Vitamin A, four times the amount in the usual red tomato.


Celebrity Tomato

The Tomato Celebrity, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', produces large glossy tomatoes that have light green shoulders. Celebrity has great flavor in firm, 8-ounce crack-free fruits. This mid-early variety will produce under a broad range of conditions and in most regions and they have good blight tolerance and foliage cover. Celebrity is a determinate variety.


Early Girl Tomato

The Tomato Early Girl, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', is a very early slicing variety that produces tasty fruit throughout the summer. There's no faster, better-tasting tomato than Early Girl. Early Girl produces huge crops of 4 to 6 ounce fruits that are great for canning or slicing. It produces dark red fruits in abundance and is an outstanding early variety for short season gardens.

Tomato - Golden Girl

The Tomato Golden Girl, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum' produces large yeilds of golden orange fruits that are sweet yet tangy, with a very good flavor. The Golden Girl produces medium sized tomatoes that are slightly flattened in shape. It is highly disease resistant against verticillium, fusarium, mentodes, alternaria, gray leaf spot and resists tobacco mosaic virus. This is a determinate tomato plant.


Heartland Tomato

The Tomato Heartland, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', is an excellent performer and is ideal for small space gardening. The dwarf compact plants produce lots of good-flavored fruit. The vines grow to about 3 feet and have lovely big leaves. The tomatoes are very tasty and weigh a nice 6 to 8 ounces. Heartland tomatoes can be grown in a large pot such as a 1/2 whiskey barrel size pot.


Burpee Big Boy Tomato

The Tomato Burpee Big Boy, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', is a very vigerous plant with heavy foliage that produces large fruit. The Burpee Big Boy is a long time best seller with firm, smooth, red fruit, great flavor, and excellent quality. It is popular for plant or fruit sales at roadside markets and in garden centers. Burpee Boy was introduced 1949. It's incredible productivity and gorgeous, perfect, large scarlet fruit made it an instant hit.


Tomato - Juliet

The Tomato Juliet, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum' produces clusters of juicy red elongated tomatoes on long vigorous vines. The Juliet is the most crack resistant cherry tomato ever produced. They are an indeterminate tomato plant.Tomatoes should be planted outside after the last average frost date.


Husky Cherry Red Tomato

The Tomato Husky Cherry Red, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', is an upright plant that produces 1 oz fruit. The Husky Cherry Red produces big yields of cherry tomatoes borne on long clusters all season long. This plant only grows to 4 foot tall which gives the gardener a lot of fruit in a small area. They can be grown in a container with a cage support.


Jet Star Tomato

The Tomato Jet Star, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', produces tasty, mild-flavored fruits that matures early with tremendous yields. Jet Stars have large tomatoes that have few scars or cracks. The indeterminate vines produce heavily with or without support, but support is recommended. This early variety is compact and provides good flavor and low acidity.


Tomato - LaRoma II Red

The Tomato LaRoma II Red, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum' produces tasty fruit on large vigorous plants. It is known for it's outstanding vigor and uniformity. The LaRoma II Red was bred for disease resistance and is highly so. This is a determinate tomato variety.


Patio Tomato

The Tomato Patio, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', is excellent for containers and small gardens, producing fruit on compact plants. The Patio tomato produces small 4 ounce fruits on a bush-type plant. These plants do not require staking and have good disease tolerance. The plants are compact and upright. They produce their fruits from the bottom of the plant. The 25 inches tall dwarf plants are compact and grow well in containers.


Roma Tomato

The Tomato Roma, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', is a determinate type Heirloom paste tomato from Italy. The Italian Roma is an absolutely excellent, old heirloom tomato used for sauce or canning. The very firm, meaty 3 inch pear-shaped fruits have very few seeds. They are very productive and can produce up to 200 fruits on compact vines.


Tomato - Lemon Boy

The Tomato Lemon Boy, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum' produces unique lemon yellow skin. The Lemon Boy is vigorous, has a very mild flavor and is extremely disease resistant. This is an indeterminate tomato variety.


Tomato - Red Grape

The Tomato Red Grape, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum' produces long clusters of 20 or more bright red baby grape tomatoes. They are very sweet which has made them a favorite of people everywhere. The Red Grape is crack resistant, heat tolerant and has excellent disease resistance against late blight and leaf spot virus. This is an indeterminate tomato variety.


Tomato - Sweet 100

The Tomato Sweet 100, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum' has huge multiple-branched clusters producing 100 or more small sweet fruits. Smaller than cherry tomatoes with a mouth-watering flavor. The Sweet 100 should be staked for best results. This is an indeterminate tomato variety.


Beefmaster Tomato

The Tomato Beefmaster, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', is one of the largest beefsteak types. The meaty tomatoes are big enough to overlap burgers and sandwiches. Beefmasters are nearly seedless and they have the fine beefsteak flavor. They shine as a slicer and the good-flavored fruit is tolerant of cracking and peeling. Some may weigh up to 2 pounds.


Beefsteak Tomato

The Tomato Beefsteak, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', is an old favorite. The huge tomatoes can reach up to 2 pounds. This old favorite is for those who love meaty, thick, tasty, large tomatoes for sandwiches. They are also useful for almost any dish that would benefit from rich tomato flavor. The vines are so vigorous that we recommend wire cages to hold up the plants and tomatoes.


Better Boy Tomato

The Tomato Better Boy, 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', is a popular all around hybrid, featuring high yields of smooth textured fruit with excellent flavor. The Better Boy tomato has been a household name among home gardeners for years. Better Boy tomatoes consistently produces good yields of smooth, large, flavorful tomatoes that weigh about 1/2 to 1 pound each.






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