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Shrub Roses - Rose Bushes

see also climbing roses and garden roses

Shrub roses normally do best in full sun all day long, but will bloom nicely if exposed to about 6 hours of sun if it includes mid-day (noon) and early afternoon hours when the sun is at its strongest.  Most shrub roses are easy to grow and require little care, other than regular watering and occasional fertilizing. While they don't require much pruning, you'll still want to remove the faded flowers to keep them blooming over the entire season. A light shearing in late winter or early spring will keep them compact. As they mature you may want to prune back more severely to keep shrub roses in bounds.

Some roses are much less hardy than others and could require extreme winter protection methods while others might be left in place without much worry. There will usually be specific varieties that are more disease resistant, more shade tolerant, more dependable or more hardy or better performing than others. Roses that are well sited, cared for regularly and of carefully chosen varieties will be healthier and live longer.

I have a couple of rose bushes in my backyard and they have survived several years of heavy snow falls in the winter, and severe hail storms in the summer.  I tie them in the fall so the snow won't be so heavy as to push them to the ground or break weaker branches.  They are still gorgeous and produce fragrant rose flowers that turn the whole yard into a scented oasis!  If you put bouquets of roses in a few rooms in your home, they will provide a fresh and delicate smell throughout the house and rainy days are, all of a sudden, not as gloomy.  Fragrant flowers in a house give you a "silent pep talk"!

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Bonica Rose

The Bonica rose was voted the World's Favorite Rose in 1997 by the World Federation of Rose Societies, and an All America Winner in 1987.The Bonica deserves the acclaim.Bonica roses are easy to grow , and are very colorful and disease resistant. This landscape rose can be planted as a hedge, specimen, or focal point.

Carefee Delight Rose

The Carefree Delight rose is a delightful shrub rose that is very free flowering with vivid pink blooms. It has deep green, glossy leaves with a rich maroon fall color and lots of rose hips in the fall.Carefree Delight roses are one of the most popular and widely grown landscape shrub roses. It has a rugged Minnesota hardiness. AARS winner 1996.

Carefree Beauty Rose

The Carefree Beauty rose has an open bloom and is light Rose Bengal color which ages lighter. The pleasant fragrant flowers are followed by round-ovoid orange hips. the plant is vigorous, bushy, well-clothed with large, leathery dark green foliage.Carefree Beauty roses can be used wherever a small ever-blooming shrub is required or it lends itself for use as a bedding plant of for use in combination with other plants as herbaceous perennials or bedding plants.The plants are winter-hardy. It is a Dr Buck rose.

Knock Out Rose

The Knock Out rose is a glowing example of disease resistance at its best. The cycle of bloom and growth provides a continuous show of color from spring until late fall. This maintenance free, flowering shrub thrives in all climates with a petal count of 5 to 7.The deep, almost fluorescent cherry red blooms give off a light tea rose fragrance. Clusters of 3 to 15 flowers bloom alongside glossy foliage tinged in eggplant purple with a swirl of burgundy. It is an AARS winner.

Seafoam Rose

The Seafoam rose is great as a mounding ground cover or small climber. It is very winter hardy, and has good disease tolerance.Seafoam roses have small glossy foliage and white blooms that will add a nice contrast in any landscape.

Chuckles Rose

The Chuckles rose is a hardy Canadian-bred shrub that can be grown as a small climber or pruned as a bush. Chuckles roses bloom in clusters.The double fuchsia blooms are 2" across and quite fragrant.It will grow 5' to 6' tall, with yellow-green foliage. It will repeat its bloom again later in the season.

Henry Hudson Rose

The Henry Hudson rose is a rugosa hybrid shrub rose that is a very neat and tidy bush that does not overtake it's welcome in the garden bed. The Henry Hudson blooms repeatedly with large clusters of white semi-double blooms. The prominent yellow centers are a lovely contrast to the deep pink buds and white blossoms.Henry Hudson roses have a great rugosa fragrance. Henry Hudson is very hardy to zone 2 and very disease resistant. It will make a great low hedge.

Champlain Rose

The Champlain Rose has beautiful dark velvet red blooms. Orange hips are formed in Autumn. This plant has shown resistance to disease and insects.

Cuthbert Grant Rose

The Cuthbert Grant rose boasts fragrant clusters of 3 to 6 dark red velvet double blossoms. The folliage is glossy green and the plant is resistant to disease.

Pink Knock Out Rose

The Pink Knock Out rose is another high profile floribunda Knock Out Rose for the landscape with brilliant pink blooms from spring to fall. A great addition to any sunny garden or in containers with trailing perennials. Thrives in humid conditions and is black spot resistant. It is very maintenance free and an excellent low hedge or accent rose.

Baby Love Rose

The Rose Baby Love produces single, sunny yellow flowers all summer long. The abundant blooms are displayed in clusters atop a neat and tidy, self cleaning shrub. The foliage is very healthy with glossy green leaves. This beautiful shrub rose will attain a height of about 3 feet. Plant deeply to encourage better regrowth in spring.

Betty Prior Rose

The Rose Betty Prior is a prolific producer of bright pink blossoms in clusters and the flowers have a spicy tea fragrance. Betty Prior is one of the most popular roses in the United States. The graceful, small, upright bush is filled with single pink flowers that often are often displayed above the foliage. Betty Prior is a repeat bloomer throughout the entire growing season.

Fire Meidiland Rose

The Rose Fire Meidiland is a mounding groundcover with striking fire engine red blooms that appear in clusters. This low growing plant is a great choice for a colorful ground cover and is very low maintenance. The dainty tough foliage is extremely desease tolerant. They will bloom from April through frost. Use this ground hugging beauty for massing or erosion control. The Fire Meidiland is also ideal for borders, window boxes, and ledges.

Pillow Fight Rose

The Rose Pillow Fight produces small white blooms with a honey fragrance. The Pillow Fight shrub rose just expoldes into bloom with the white flowers making a startling look against the very deep, glossy, green foliage. Pillow Fight will bloom all season long. The growth is low and bushy with an average height of about 3 to 4 feet.

Henry Kelsey CL Rose

The Henry Kelsey rose has a trailing and spreading growth habit which is the highlight of this winter hardy rose. The blooms are a medium red color and come in clusters of 9 to 13.Henry Kelsey roses have a nice spicy fragrance, which makes this a wonderful addition in a Northern garden. The red flowers bloom in early summer and repeat in late summer.





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