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Marigold seeds

The botanical name for marigold is Tagetes patula. Marigolds are a relatively easy crop to grow, and have no unusual requirements. For best results, start seeds indoors: sow seeds in a sterile, soil-less seed-starting mix. Keep soil evenly moist. When seedlings emerge, place under fluorescent lights, keeping the lights just an inch or two above the tips of the plants. Continue to keep soil moist, and once plants are a few inches tall, fertilize with a dilute complete (10-10-10) fertilizer once a week. Thin seedlings to one plant per pot (if you've used small containers or "six-pack" trays), and repot to larger pots if the roots become crowded. Transplant to the garden when all danger of frost is past.  If you're a new gardener or you're not comfortable with growing seeds indoors, marigold seeds are very good candidates to plant directly in your garden rather than starting the seeds indoors.


Dwarf Bonanza Blend Marigold

The Marigold French Dwarf Bonanza Blend, 'Tagetes patula', has the pure intense colors of Bonanza plus the improved flower size. It has the largest flowers in the French Marigold category. The Bonanza Blend has 2 inch yellow, orange, and bicolor flowers. They will begin blooming 5 to 6 weeks after seeding and they will continue to bloom until fall. Plant in the spring after average last day of frost. French Dwarf Marigolds are excellent for edging, in pots and containers. They make an excellent annual ground cover.

Eskimo Marigold

The Marigold Eskimo, 'Tagetes erecta', is new and unique. Eskimo is a white marigold with large, creamy white, double carnation type blooms that are simply stunning. The beautiful blooms are located at knee height on top of the plant. The nice dark green foliage sets off the white flower color. The Eskimo Marigold begins to bloom in late spring and continues to bloom until first frost. Eskimo Marigolds are excellent for edging, in pots and containers and as a ground cover.

Giant Sunset Marigold

The Marigold Giant Sunset, 'Tagetes erecta', is a tall Marigold that will grow to 3 foot tall. If you love Marigolds, why not go all out and try a Marigold that will grow TALL. The flowers are also large and are shades of orange and yellow. The Giant Sunset will begin to bloom in late spring and will continue to bloom until first frost. They are moderately drought tolerant, so only water when needed. Plant in the spring after the last average frost date. This Marigold is excellent for edging, pots, containers, and as a cut flower.

Lemon Drop Marigold

The Marigold Dwarf Lemon Drop, 'Tagetes patula', displays a sunny show of canary yellow flowers. Every vegetable garden must have Lemon Drop Marigolds! Marigolds attract bees for pollination and is suspected to repel some insects. Dwarf Lemon Drops are very easy to grow and add color to your vegetable garden. The 1 inch canary yellow flowers are produced in abundance. Plant in the spring after average last day of frost. Lemon Drops are excellent for edging, in pots, and containers. They make an excellent annual ground cover.

Lemon/Tangerine Blend Marigold

The Marigold Gem Lemon/Tangerine Blend, 'Tagetes tenuifolia', has masses of dainty flowers on compact, fragrant plants with lacy foliage. These bushy, dwarf, "rock garden" marigolds are truly little gems in your garden. The 10 to 12 inch plants hold 1/2 inch yellow and orange flowers. The Gem Lemon/Tangerine Blend blooms 5 to 6 weeks after seeding and continue until first frost. The Gem Marigolds are excellent for edging, in pots, and containers. They make an excellent annual ground cover.





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