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Maple Trees

Nothing is more gorgeous than a maple tree changing color in the fall!  The leaves turn yellow, red, and even purplish in color.  After growing up in an area populated with maple trees and moving away some 20 years ago, it's amazing how you can miss something that used to be taken for granted and seemed so meaningless at the time.  Streets here look so empty in the fall, barely any leaves, no color... I sure miss those breathtaking scenes where maple trees would form a multicolored tunnel on a street, where trees on each side of the street were so tall and full that the top of the tree met the tree across the street.  Oh and the maple syrup and the sweet maple goodies...  If maple trees can survive in your area, you definitely won't regret your purchase!

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Autumn Blaze Red Maple

The Autumn Blaze Red Maple, Acer fremanii, 'Autumn Blaze', is an extremely fast-growing maple with brilliant red fall color. Under good conditions it can grow 3ft. or more per year. It is tolerant of clay soils and droughty conditions. This deciduous tree develops a dense oval head with strong branching which makes it a popular shade tree as well as an ornamental tree. This tree will grow in a wide range of climates from Michigan to Central Florida.

Japanese Red Maple

The Japanese Red Maple tree, Acer Palmatum Autropurpeum, is by far, one of the most popular ornamental plants in the plant kingdom. This small deciduous tree is a very showy, versatile species. Japanese Red Maple trees are used as a single specimen or in borders or groupings. The leaves are reddish-purple in spring and again in fall. The Japanese Red Maple tree is used to create a unique bonsai tree. The classic Japanese maple has red-purple leaves which turn a brilliant red in autumn.

Autumn Flame Red Maple

The Autumn Flame Red Maple tree, Acer rubrum, 'Autumn Flame', is a fast growing tree that is also one of the first trees to show fall color. The Autumn Flame˝ Red Maple has scarlet/green leaves which make for gorgeous fall color. This deciduous tree's leaves will always contain a hint of scarlet. The branches develop low and form a dense, narrow crown. It is not tolerant of drought or very hot dry weather. This tree is a large tree that can achieve a trunk size of three to five feet in diameter.

Red Sunset Red Maple

The Red Sunset˝ Red Maple tree, Acer Rubrum Red Sunset, is considered one of the best trees for early fall color! This is a large deciduous tree that has pyramidal form when young becoming rounded with age. Species name of rubrum (meaning red) is everywhere in evidence: red flowers in dense clusters in late March to early April (before the leaves appear), red fruit (reddish two-winged samara), reddish stems and twigs. The Red Sunset is one of the best red maple cultivars available in commerce, with outstanding orange to red fall color.

Sugar Maple

The Sugar Maple tree, Acer Saccharum, is one of the most majestic deciduous trees. It is excellent for large shade or lawn locations. The Sugar Maple has a dense crown with glossy dark green, heavily waxed leaves. It is one of our best trees for fall color when leaves turn brilliant red or yellow-orange. The sap of the Sugar Maple is often collected in the spring to make many flavorful confections. Does not do well in restricted root zone. It has majestic, brilliant fall color and dense shade.

Trident Maple

The Trident Maple tree, Acer Buergerianum, is a deciduous, 20-30 foot-high by 25-foot-wide tree in the wild. The Trident Maple has beautiful 3-inch-wide, tri-lobed leaves, glossy green above and paler underneath, which turn various shades of red,  orange, and yellow in autumn. Its flowers are bright yellow and showy in the spring. Makes a nice small tree that can tolerate urban conditions, ie; confined root space, pollution, and heat and drought. Has done well in parking lot islands.

Shantung Maple

The Shantung Maple, 'Acer trucatum', is an outstanding small tree. It has glossy, dark green star shaped foliage that remains in good condition throughout the season. It develops good fall color ranging from clear yellow to reddish purple. Its quality and adaptability make it worth growing. It is an excellent tree for small lawns and street tree use.  It does well in full sun and in general seems to be quite adaptable.  It tolerates heat and alkaline soils.

Tatarian Maple

The Tatarian Maple, Acer tataricum', is quite similar to Amur Maple and the two species readily hybridize when grown together. Tatarian Maple grows slightly larger and is naturally more tree like in growth habit. The Tatarian Maples are slightly larger and usually develop a good red coloration when maturing. Fall color is usually yellow to reddish brown. A good tree for planters or patios. It has excellent small tree form and good foliage quality

Silver Maple

The Silver Maple tree, Acer Saccharinum, is a medium to large fast growing tree. The species is ideal for wet bottomland sites and can easily recover from extended periods of flooding. It is one of the best trees for poor soil and it transplants very easily. The wood of this maple tree is soft and can be damaged by severe winds or ice storms. The Silver Maple is often used in residential areas for shade because of its thick foliage and fast growth. This deciduous maple tree provides very dense shade. Fall color is a golden yellow

Box Elder Maple

(Manitoba maple)

The Box Elder Maple tree, Acer negundo, is also commonly known as ashleaf maple, Manitoba maple, box-elder maple, and western box-elder. This deciduous maple tree is a small-to-medium-sized tree, reaching heights of 50 to 75 feet, with a trunk diameter up to 4 feet. Although it grows best on moist soils, box-elder is drought and cold resistant. The seeds are a source of food for birds and mammals, and are important because they stay on the tree through winter, when other food resources are scarce

Flame Amur Maple

The Flame Amur Maple tree, Acer ginnala, is usually a multi-stemmed tree, noted for its fiery-red autumn color. Its summer color is green, but is mixed with bright red samaras or 'helicopters' in mid summer. Flame Amur Maple trees are extremely hardy and drought resistant once established. They make an excellent screen or hedge. They leaf out early and cast dense shade. It is a vigorous grower that is very tolerant of extreme temperatures.

October Glory Red Maple

The October Glory Red Maple tree, Acer rubrum 'October Glory', is one of the best and most popular of the Red Maple cultivars. October Glory Red Maple trees are excellent for intense fall color and have a medium to fast growth rate. In the spring, red flowers in dense clusters form before the leaves. It tends to hold its lustrous dark green leaves late into fall. The intensity of the brilliant orange to red fall color is worth the wait. October Glory Red Maple trees have a dense oblong head with dark green foliage.

Red Maple

The Red Maple tree, Acer rubrum, is a deciduous tree which will typically grow 40-60' tall with a rounded to oval crown. In northern states, red maple usually occurs in wet bottomland, river flood plains, and wet woods, but in the south, it typically frequents drier, rocky upland areas. Leaves are shiny green above and pale green beneath, 3-5 lobed and 3-6" across. Sap of this tree can be used to make a maple syrup that is inferior in quality to syrups made from the sugar maple

Green Mountain Sugar Maple (PP2339)

The Green Mountain Sugar Maple, 'Acer saccharum "Green Mountain", is a very handsome deciduous tree with leathery leaves. This showy tree is upright and oval in shape. This tree is noted for its improved performance in dry restricted growing areas such as areas close to pavement. The Green Mountain carries all of the characteristics of the Sugar Maple with the strong limbs and the gorgeous fall color and the seeds are inconspicuous and causes no significant litter problems.  The Green Mountain is used for wide tree lawns, screens, shade, and as specimen tree.  It is also a good street tree.

Legacy Sugar Maple (PP4979)

The Legacy Sugar Maple, 'Acer saccharum 'Legacy', produces glossy dark green foliage that holds and resists leaf tatter and drought. The Legacy is dense and will mature with a uniform, oval crown. This Sugar Maple displays brilliant red and orange fall colors in cold areas and displaying more yellows in warmer areas. The Legacy is fast growing for a Sugar maple. The Legacy Sugar Maple is used for wide tree lawns, screens, shade, and as specimen tree. It is also a good street tree. The leathery leaves and durable foliage resists heat and drought. Sugar Maple is among the most shade tolerant of large trees.

Crimson King Maple

The Crimson King Maple, 'Acer platanoides' 'Crimson King', is a red-leaved cultivar of the Norway Maple and it is noted for its rich maroon leaves throughout the summer.  The Crimson King grows best in a well drained area and is very tolerant of drought and urban pollutants.  It is often used as a specimen tree for the landscape and it provides dense shade.  The smooth bark, straight trunk, and strong branching, provide for nice winter interest.  This tree is easily transplanted and is adapted to a wide variety of soils including alkaline, sand, clay and acid soils.





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