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Hot Peppers

If you're anything like me, you like hot and spicy foods.  And what a better way to add even more taste to delicious meals than some fresh hot peppers! 

Plant your hot peppers in average garden soil with sufficient organic matter.  Peppers use quite a bit of water but prefer to be watered deeply and not too often.

Anaheim Hot Peppers

The Hot Pepper Anaheim, 'Capsicum annuum', is a very popular chili that is mildly hot. Anaheim produces long, tapered, pungent medium thick peppers.  Anaheim peppers are among the most commonly used chilies in the United States, with a bite ranging from mild to moderately hot, these long, slender, lobed peppers come in varieties also known as New Mexican, long green, long red, or California. 

Big Chilli Hot Peppers

The Hot Pepper Big Chili, 'Capsicum annuum', is a compact plant that bear tremendous yields of mild, thick walled fruit.  The Big Chili has larger fruits than other Anaheim chili peppers.  Large crops of the 8 inch long peppers are produced over a long harvest period.  The Big Chili Pepper is used for roasting, peeling, and in cooked dishes. 

Caribbean Red Hot Hot Peppers

The Hot Pepper Caribbean Red Hot, 'Capsicum annuum' , is even hotter than Habanero!  The extremely hot, wrinkled fruit tapers to a blunt point.  The Caribbean Red Hot ripens to a beautiful deep red and has the same distinctive taste of the Habanero.  The plants grow up to 30 inches tall and the fruit packs mega heat.  Plants and fruits are identical to orange habanero only fruits ripen from celery to ruby red.  Use gloves and do not touch any other part of the body after harvesting.  Wash your hands immediately.


Cayenne Long Slim Hot Peppers

The Hot Pepper Cayenne Long Slim, 'Capsicum annuum', produces dark green, long fruit maturing to red.  The fruits are slim, pointed and wrinkled.  The Long Slim Pepper plant is a strong, spreading plant, 20-24 inches tall.  It is great for processing and drying.  Their intense flavor adds zest to sauces, salads, soups, stews, dips and dried seasonings.   Use gloves and do not touch any other part of the body after harvesting.  Wash your hands immediately.

Cherry Bomb Hot Peppers

The Hot Pepper Cherry Bomb, 'Capsicum annuum', produces 30% to 50% more than open-pollinated types and bears round, thick-walled peppers.  The very thick walls of the Cherry Bomb allows for more absorption of pickle brine.  This plant is the variety to grow for homemade pickled peppers.   Harvest when peppers begin to turn green to red.

Garden Salsa Hot Peppers

The Hot Pepper Garden Salsa, 'Capsicum annuum', has moderate to hot pungent fruit and has medium-thick walls tapering to a point.  The Garden Salsa pepper is a perfect variety for home-made salsa with just the right amount of "heat".  Garden Salsa is a tapered hot pepper with numerous 7-8 inch long by 1 inch wide peppers. 

Habanero Hot Peppers

The Pepper Habenero, 'Capsicum chinense', is one of the hottest known peppers in the world!  It adds fire and a distinctive citrus flavor to salsas, chutneys and soups.  The Habenero Chile Pepper is prized by chile aficionados not only for its intense heat, but its distinct fruitiness.  The Habeneros will turn a bland barbeque into a fiery feast.  Harvest when 1 inch long or longer. Use gloves and do not touch any other part of the body after harvesting.   Wash your hands immediately.

Hungarian Yellow Wax Hot Peppers

The Pepper Hungarian Yellow Wax, 'Capsicum annuum', is a medium-hot Old World favorite that is the perfect pick for pickled peppers.  This pepper is also known as the Hot Banana Pepper.  The Hungarian Yellow Wax pepper was developed in Hungary and has a waxy color that resembles bees' wax.    Harvest when peppers are yellow and 3 to 4 inches long.

Jalapeno M Hot Peppers

The Pepper Jalapeno M, 'Capsicum annuum' is popular for Tex-Mex dishes and for pickling.  The dark green fruits can be left on the bush to mature to a fiery red color.  The fruit grows to a length of three inches.   To promote increased production, pick peppers regularly.  Jalapeno M is the hot pepper every one knows.   Use gloves and do not touch any other part of the body after harvesting.  Wash your hands immediately.

Kung Pao Hot Peppers

The Hot Pepper Kung Pao, 'Capsicum annuum', has long, skinny red peppers that are similar in appearance to the cayenne.   The Kung Pao Pepper is a fairly recently introduced hybrid with excellent mildly hot flavor and is often used in Thai and other Southeast Asian cuisines.  The fruits are very long, to 6-9", and dark red in color, with thin walls.   Use gloves and do not touch any other part of the body after harvesting.  Wash your hands immediately.

Super Chili Hot Peppers

The Hot Pepper Super Chili, 'Capsicum annuum', is a very productive, semi compact plant that produces upward-facing cone shaped chili peppers with a spicy flavor.  Super Chili peppers are great for ornamental use as well.  The fruits turn from pale green to orange to red with all shades in between.   Harvest when peppers begin to turn green to brown.   Use gloves and do not touch any other part of the body after harvesting.  Wash your hands immediately.



Tobasco G Hot Peppers

The Pepper Chili Tabasco Greenleaf, 'Capsicum frutescens', is a very hot pepper with a uniquely smoky flavor.  The Tabasco Greenlaf is used for sauce and either fresh or dried in spicy Asian, Cajun or Creole dishes. Tabasco Greenleaf is a disease resistant, very hot variety of the chile used in the famous sauce for more than 130 years.   Harvest when peppers have turned from green to red.

Hot Peppers - Italian Roaster II

The Pepper Italian Roaster II, Capsicum annuum' produces loads of long, thin green peppers per plant.   The 8 inch fruit is about 1 inch wide and has thin walls.  They will also turn red on the plant and can be harvested in this stage too.  This is a virus resistant plant.  Transplant outside in the spring 3 to 4 weeks after last frost date.   Use gloves and do not touch any other part of the body after harvesting. Wash your hands immediately.

Note: To get a jumpstart on the season transplant outside, use a walls-of-water or some black plastic to maintain and increase temperatures.   





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