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Garden Roses

see also climbing roses and shrub roses

Roses add such a delicious fragrance to your garden!  Their deep, rich colors, even when white, add such an aura of elegance and richness to any landscape.  A bouquet of roses in your home will a fresh, delicate scent.  As a centerpiece, the room will become that much more inviting and welcoming.  These roses will make your garden proud! 

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Lagerfeld Rose

The Lagerfeld rose is a great exhibition rose with high centered silver/lavender buds. The large flowers expand to 4 to 5 inches and are produced in sprays of 5-15 flowers.Lagerfeld roses have an intense fragrance. Thier unique beauty makes this a favorite of many rose lovers.

Day Breaker Rose

The Day Breaker rose is a floribunda rose and AARS Winner for 2004. The large buds are offset by dark green glossy foliage and are good for cutting. The blending colors of white, apricot, and peach will remind you of a summer dawn sky all summer long. The blooms are nestled among dark, glossy green foliage on a plant that reaches a medium height. Day Breaker is an awakening of the senses, not only for its exquisite beauty, but also for its sharp moderate tea fragrance and continuous bloom.

Double Delight Rose

The Double Delight Rose is a very popular rose with a spicy perfume and big creamy white blooms that are brushed with hot red. This easy to grow, bi-colored Hybrid tea is one that you should include in your garden collection.The World Federation of Rose Societies Hall inducted this Hall of Famer in 1985. Double Delight roses were also an AARS winner in 1977.

Gertrude Jekyll Rose

The Gertrude Jekyll rose has flowers that start as perfect little scrolled buds and soon open into the most beautiful, large, rosette-shaped flowers of rich glowing pink. The growth is upright and vigorous and in every way reliable.Gertrude Jekyll roses have a strong fragrance. It repeats its bloom again later in the season. It is a David Austin rose.

Honey Perfume Rose

The Honey Perfume rose has a classic floribunda form and upright habit. The lovely blooms of Honey Perfume roses have earned a place in your garden.It was voted as an AARS Winner for 2004. This rose has proved to be a success through the country. It blooms in clusters spring to autumn.

Iceburg Rose

The Iceberg rose has plenty of long, cool-white buds that open as large, double roses on this Floribunda. The light green glossy foliage makes a perfect backdrop for these clean white blooms.For forty years Iceberg has been the standard against which many roses are measured. That's because the plant produces masses of icy white high-centered blossoms continuously from frost to frost, Iceberg roses are a World Federation of Rose Societies Hall of Famer inducted 1983.

Ingrid Bergman Rose

The Ingrid Berman rose is a luscious red Hybrid. This tea rose has full, double blooms with a soft velvety texture.Ingrid Berman roses are favorites among gardeners for it's deep red blooms and dark green foliage. The World Federation of Rose Societies voted the Ingrid Bergman rose into the Hall of Fame in 2000.

Intrigue Rose

The Intrigue rose has a scent of lemon that will fill your garden air with this Floribunda. This colorful plum rose is pretty and showy, with attractive glossy green leaves.Intrigue roses have 20 petals and are repeat flowering. They like the sun. It is an AARS winner.

Just Joey Rose

The Just Joey rose has a fruity frangrance which wafts from large ruffled apricot blooms. Thsi superstar rose is from England.Just Joey roses were inducted into the Hall of Fame by the World Federation of Rose Societies in 1994. A delightful rose for many placements.

Memorial Day Rose

The Memorial Day rose has long stems, big blooms, and good vase life which has earned this hybrid tea rose a place of fame as an AARS winner for 2004. The rose is vigorous and easy to grow. Upright and bushy, this variety features very large, full, spiraled blooms with more than 50 petals per flower.Memorial Day roses have clear pink flowers are accented with a lavender wash and grow to up to 5 inches in diameter. Just one bloom will fill an entire room with the sweet fragrance of a Damask Rose.

Paradise Rose

The Paradise rose has unique lavender blooms splashed with magenta. The blooms are perfectly complimented by large, glossy foliage.Its engaging color will enhance the colors in your rose garden.Paradise roses are very attractive,and when the mauve color which ages, it turns to red on the outer edges of the petals. It was as AARS winner 1979.

Peace Rose

The Peace rose is the world's most famous rose. The brilliant yellow and pink flowering rose was first introduced to the U.S. over fifty years ago. Peace roses are more popular today than when it was first introduced.Your rose garden should not be without one. This World Federation of Rose Societies Hall of Famer was inducted 1976. AARS winner 1946.

Silver Star Rose

The Silver Star rose is a strong growing lavender Grandiflora with good disease resistance. Silver Star roses have good plant vigor and disease resistance which set this plant apart from most lavender roses.It displays a good, non-fading colour, with a fragrance so powerful that a few of them will scent a room.

The Dark Lady Rose

The Dark Lady rose has large, loose roses of deep red. Dark Lady roses are strongly fragrant and bloom on plants that have a spreading habit.It has Mid-green foliage and is free flowering. It is a David Austin rose.

WWII Memorial Rose Rose

The World War II rose dispalys a distinctive collaboration of soft white with grey and a tinge of lavender. Worl War II roses have a beautiful exhibition style high centered bud. The flowers have a wonderful sweet fragrance.This rose is a lovely addition to any lavender rose collection.







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