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Crab Apple Trees is proud to feature live crabapple trees at competitive prices.  You will receive superior product quality and extensive plant information as well as excellent customer service and secure online ordering. Each item shipped comes complete with planting, care and storage instructions. 

Crabapple trees produce the most beautiful small flowers, giving your yard an enchantment feeling, almost like a fairy tale, during bloom season.  

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Dolgo Crapapple Tree

The Crabapple Dolgo produces pink buds that open to fragrant, white flowers. The glossy, dark green foliage turns yellow in the fall. Dolgo Crabapples are large and are bright red. They are excellent for jellies. This hardy tree is upright with an open habit and is very ornamental. The Dolgo is a superb apple pollinator for other apple trees.

Chestnut Crabapple Tree

The Chestnut Crabapple blooms in early to mid-May. It has a pleasant nut-like flavor. It produces a very large crabapple, up to 2" in diameter that ripens in early September. Outstanding flavor and good texture for fresh eating as well as being a pollinator. A very hardy plant with a medium storage life. The fruit quality holds well on the tree, being quite spritely at first and becoming sweeter later on. An excellent pollinator for other fruit apples.

Indian Summer Crabapple Tree

The Indian Summer Crabapple has abundant pink flowers with an extended blooming period. It blooms with King bloom of Red Delicious apple tree. Attractive rose-red flowers in spring followed by bright red fruit 3/4" in diameter. Excellent disease resistance. Indian Summer crabapples can take cold, shifts in temperatures, semi-arid climate and brisk winds. With sweeping branches, symmetrical shapes and modest proportions they add beauty as well as providing good pollen.

Snow Drift Crabapple Tree

The Snow Drift crabapple is a very profuse bloomer. A good pollinizer for medium to late blooming varieties. It has small to medium sized white flowers that attracts a lot of bees. Snow Drift' Crabapple is a splendid tree and little pruning is required to develop a well-formed, rounded canopy. There appears to be little variation in shape among trees of this cultivar, a characteristic which is coveted by landscape architects. Fall color is good, providing a dull yellow glow for two or three weeks. It combines beauty with its great pollinizing characteristics.





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