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Bonsai Trees Under $30

see also wholesale bonsai trees, flowering bonsai trees and bonsai waterfalls

This book tells you everything you need to know about growing a bonsai tree.  Are you looking for a great gift that won't cost you a fortune? Flowers are beautiful and are always a nice touch but, unfortunately, they don't last long and will end up in the garbage sooner or later.  That's money thrown down the drain.  Many bonsai trees are much less expensive than a nice flower arrangement and will last a lifetime.  Several varieties of bonsai trees also produce gorgeous little flowers, much like a house plant would.  Bonsai trees make great gifts that last a lifetime and will add a touch of originality to any room. Everyone you know will want one of their own!  Or maybe you just want one for yourself.  They're are gorgeous miniature trees!

Look no further!  We have exactly what you're looking for, for under $30!

If you've never owned a bonsai tree before, if you don't always remember to water your house plants, you don't get much sunlight in your home, or you just don't know where the dwarf tree will be placed if you're giving it as a gift,  you may want to review our recommendations section for the first time bonsai tree owner.  A variety of bonsai trees are suggested that will still do very well even if you neglect or forget to water them when they should be watered, they tolerate a wide range of temperatures, and they can survive in low or high lighting conditions.  In other words, these are the easiest bonsai trees to care for, and even with very low maintenance, you can still keep them alive and well for many, many, years.

Bonsai Pro provides all six macronutrients and all ten micronutrients essential for healthy growth. It is simple and easy to use. Simply mix and use when watering- one habit, nothing to remember! Because it contains only the essential nutrients, no urea or other additives, there are no dangerous salt buildups to worry about. One 8 fl. oz. bottle makes up to 180 gallons of nutrients. It can and should be used with all of your house plants.





Starter Kit Make Your Own Bonsai

Make Your Own Bonsai Everything you need to grow your own bonsai tree. This bonsai starter kit includes: Glazed ceramic imported container, Juniper Procumbens Nana (3 years old), Anneaaled, copper training wire Bonsai soil (conifer mix), Fiberglass drainage hole covers, Multi-colored textured rock.   Step by step instructions for potting, training and maintenance of your bonsai tree.  Ceramic miniature figurine and humidity tray.


Green Island Ficus-Small Ficus Microcarpa

Informal upright with shiny dark green leaves which are thicker than the standard ficus leaf but thinner than a Jade leaf. Develops a thick trunk and aerial roots at a relatively early age. Very easy indoor care.


White Rabbit's Foot Fern (humata tyermanii)

The White Rabbit's Foot Fern is native to the Canary Islands and can grow as a terrestrial or epiphyte. It has finely dissected fronds that rise up from its furry, silver rhizomes hence the name "White Rabbit's Foot Fern". Likes bright light but avoid direct sun. Great companion plant to display alongside your bonsai or by itself". 4 years old 6"-7" tall


Ficus 'Too Little' - Small (ficus benjamina "too little")

New miniature cultivar of the popular ficus benjamina with very small leaves and compact growth habit. Great for indoors in low, moderate or high lighting conditions. 4 years old 5" - 7" tall.

Hinoki Cypress-Small (chamecyparis obtusa 'compacta')

Evergreen conifer with flat deep green fan-like foliage. Leaves edged with blue on the undersides. Pea-sized cones. Beautiful uncommon evergreen which is the smallest of the species. Not to be confused with Arborvitae. Hardy, Like the Japanese Maples.  Keep outdoors. 4 years old 5" tall

Hawaiian Umbrella Tree - Small (arboricola schefflera)

This is the tree that is most recommended if you are inexperienced with bonsai or you do not have a green thumb. It is one of the easiest bonsai trees to care for and is a very beautiful "trouble-free" evergreen. If you don't know which tree to purchase as a gift for someone, this is the tree to select. This versatile tree is great for home office, dorm, or anywhere and does well in low to high lighting conditions. Our tree features tiny umbrella shaped leaves forming a dense green canopy.


Sago Palm-Exotic (Small) (Cycas Revoluta)

The Sago Palm is a long-lived exotic palm that tolerates neglect but thrives with attention and TLC. Adapts to indirect light or full sun and has a wide temperature range from 15 to 120 degrees F. A slow growth rate allows indoor specimens to remain in the same container indefinitely. Treat as a cactus - water when almost dry and seldom fertilize. 4 years old 6" tall.

Shimpaku (juniperus chinensis)

Also known as the Chinese Juniper. This needled evergreen is tolerant of a wide variety of soils and is dioecious which means that there are separate male and female plants. Shimpaku is a naturally irregular vase shaped Juniper which we grow into a mound shape. The Shimpaku has attractive year round foliage and its dark green needles are soft to the touch. Very popular and easy to care for bonsai. 5 years old. 7"-8" tall.


Baby Jade - Small Portulacaria Afra

This succulent bonsai, also known as the "Elephant Bush", is native to South Africa and has pale green leaves that are almost round and about one-third the size of the common Jade plant. The fleshy trunk, branches, and leaves are used to store water. An excellent bonsai tree for the home or office. 4 years old. 6" tall.

Snowbush (breynia disticha)

A relative of the "roseo-picta" cultivars. The Snowbush or Snow-on-the-Mountain as it is commonly called is accented by its leaf size and color, which vary depending on lighting conditions. In moderate light it will produce larger leaves with some white color and a more sparse form. Grown in some sun it will produce smaller leaves, a more dense and compact form, and will have significantly more white and pink in the new and older growth. Easy to care for indoors. 4 years old. 7" tall

Hawaiian Umbrella Tree - In Lava Rock - Small (arboricola schefflera 'luseanne')

Real Hawaiian lava rock is hand selected to provide a happy home for your Schefflera Luseanne bonsai. Schefflera Luseanne are extra special, patented trees that stay smaller and more compact than the ordinary varieties. Place in a bright window or on a countertop. Best to keep some water in a humidity tray/saucer and fertilize monthly at half the manufacturers recommended strength with a water soluble fertilizer.

Mistletoe Fig ((ficus diversifolia)

There are over 800 species of the Ficus genus. The Mistletoe Fig is one of the few Ficus that will fruit in the house. The leaves bear tiny brown spots and the pea sized fruits appear all year round and are inedible. The oval shaped leaves look just like mistletoe. Very slow grower. Excellent for indoors. 8 years old. 15" - 17" tall.

Willow Leaf Ficus-Small (ficus nerifolia/salicafolia)

Also known as Mexicana Ficus. Elongated, light green leaves have a striking resemblance to the popular weeping willow tree. This tree does particularly well indoors in low, moderate or high lighting conditions. 4 years old 5" - 8" tall

Norfolk Island Pine (araucaria heterophila)

Open and airy conifer (cone bearing) with light green foliage turning darker with age. One of the best known trees from the South Pacific. Will tolerate warm temperatures and does not even object to dryness, although it does not like glaring sunshine. Comes decorated for the holiday season during the month of December. 4 years old. 15"-18" tall.

Juniper Tree-Small (Juniper Procumbens "nana")

This dwarf Juniper from Japan is the most popular evergreen in the U.S. When we think of a traditional bonsai and what it should look like, we think of a "Juniper Procumbens Nana." This impressive trouble-free evergreen is an excellent tree for the beginner. 3 years old 4" tall

Buddha's Ear (alocacia cuculata)

Also known as Buddha's First Lily or Chinese Taro. A small elephant ear with thick, shiny, green heart shaped leaves that resemble elf hats each with curly-cue, twisted tips and upturn leaf margins. Does very well indoors (45F-85F temperatures) in low or medium lighting conditions. 10"-15" tall.

Norfolk Island Pine-Medium (Araucaria Heterophila)

Open and airy conifer (cone bearing) with light green foliage turning darker with age. One of the best known trees from the South Pacific. Will tolerate warm temperatures and does not even object to dryness, although it does not like glaring sunshine. We grow them in groups of three (3) in a pot and trim the branches by hand (thumb and index finger.) Decorates well for any holiday or season. Easy care 4 years old 10" - 12" tall







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