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Apple Trees 


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All items that may currently be out of stock will be available again the second week of June.

Unlike ornamental trees, apple trees will provide you with a delicious harvest of fruit.  


Selecting Apple Trees – Climate and Taste


Beyond the consideration of dwarf trees vs. standard varieties of apple trees, the first thing to do to determine the types of apple trees you’ll be growing is to ensure that you select the varieties that grow best in your region. The following are examples of apple trees that can be grown in most of the continental U.S., except for the Southernmost states:

  • ”Golden Delicious” apple trees

  • ”Cortland” apple trees

  • ”Haralred” apple trees

  • “Honeycrisp” apple trees

After you know what varieties of apple trees you can grow, the question becomes which of those you’d prefer to grow.


Growing apple trees that bloom rarly:

  • "Beacon"

  • "Ginger Gold"

  • "Paulared"

  • "State Fair"


Growing apple trees that bloom mid-season:

  • "Cortland"

  • "Gala"

  • "Honeycrisp"

  • "Liberty"

  • "McIntosh"


Growing apple trees that bloom late:

  • "Golden Delicious"

  • "Haralred"

  • "Northern Spy"

  • "Rome"

The best spot for planting apple trees is an area with rich, well-drained soil and plenty of sun. Planting apple trees where they'll get early morning sun helps reduce incidence of powdery mildew disease, as does locating them in a spot with good air circulation. Early spring is a fine time for planting apple trees in the North. In the South, fall is perhaps the best time for planting apple trees: the roots will already have been established when next spring rolls around, giving your home apple trees a head-start.

When you are ready to buy the plants, look for bare-root stock, one year old. Although it may seem that you'd be getting a good deal (because the plants are bigger), avoid planting apple trees that are more than three years old. Younger trees are easier to get established.


Braeburn Apple Tree

The Braeburn Apple has a sweet flavor balanced with a moderate tartness that produces a unique blend. The texture is crisp and firm and juicy. The under color is yellowish green and is shaded by a broadly red-striped color pattern. Braeburn apples are an old-fashioned sweet apple with a smooth and crisp texture. It's great for snacks and salads. It is a late season apple with a long storage life. Its eating qualities make it adaptable for cooking as well as fresh use.

Cortland Apple Tree

The Cortland Apple tree is rated as an excellent dessert and processing apple. It is sweet with a hint of tartness. It has a tender snow white flesh. Cortland apples are wonderful for kabobs, fruit plates and garnishes because they don't turn brown quickly when cut. The Cortland apple is an attractive large red-striped apple that can be best described as juicy. It is an heavy annual bearer.

Fuji Apple Tree

Fuji apples have it all--super sweet, super juicy and super crisp. What a great snacking apple! Fuji apples are aromatic, sweet, juicy and crisp with a firm texture. The Fuji’s appearance varies from yellow-green with red highlights to mostly red. The Fuji’s spicy, crisp sweetness gives it exceptional eating quality. The Fuji is excellent for fresh salads. The Fuji is quickly becoming an apple with a large consumer audience.

Gala Apple Tree

The Gala apple blends modern and old-fashioned parentage. The Gala matures to a bright overall red color, with bold red stripes over a yellow background. The fruit is firm, juicy, fine textured, with a yellow white flesh. It is a highly coveted apple by the consumer, with great bouquet, flavor and color. The Gala, a fresh fruit delight, is very much in demand for fresh salads and it's got the mild flavor that "picky eaters" prefer and a striking bright yellow-red color that attracts the eye!

Golden Delicious Apple Tree

The Golden Delicious apple is an excellent all purpose cooking apple. This apple has firm, white flesh that retains its shape when baked or cooked. Its rich mellow flavor, sweet and crisp, is an asset to any recipe. You can cut down the sugar in pies and sauces made from Golden Delicious apples. The skin is so tender and thin that you can skip peeling for many recipes. It is also outstanding when used in a fruit bowl and for fresh fruit.

Honeycrisp Apple Tree

The Honeycrisp apple is a high quality apple which keeps well for 5-6 months in common storage. The tree is one of the most vigorous and hardy of apple trees, showing little damage at -40 degrees. Needs to be thinned heavily. Its flesh is cream colored and coarse. The flavor is sub-acid and ranges from mild and well-balanced to strongly aromatic, depending on the degree of maturity. Great eating apple with its subacid flavor. Develops its full aromatic flavor if left on the tree until mid October.

McIntosh Apple Tree

The McIntosh apple is a early and heavy producer. The flesh is white, soft and fine-textured. The flavor is distinctively tangy and aromatic. The McIntosh has a rather tough skin that has mixed red and green coloring. It's a favorite apple for eating out of hand but also is widely used in salads, sauces, pies. It is a mainstay in fresh cider and an all-time favorite for fresh eating and salads. It has a large fruit and is used in juice, pies, and eating raw.

Cameo Apple Tree

The Cameo apple produces raves from growers and consumers. The fruits have a red stripe over a yellow-light green undercolor. The Cameo fruit is medium to large and uniform in size. The flavor has been judged to be faintly sweet/tart with excellent eating quality. This variety is widely heralded as one of the most flavorful, crispy, and juicy apples anywhere. The Cameo matures one week before Fuji and has a long harvest and storage window.

Ginger Gold Apple Tree

The Ginger Gold apple is great as a snack or multi-purpose cooking and baking apple that holds its shape when cooked. The fruit is medium to large, round to oblate, and it has a smooth skin. A mature Ginger Gold is yellow with a slight red, striped blush. The fruit flesh is a white cream color and is slow to discolor or oxidize which makes this apple a natural for salads, slices and chunks or garnishes. The fruits texture is crisp and firm.

Mollies Delicious Apple Tree

The Mollies Delicious apple is rated one of the best yellow delicious apples on the market. Molly Delicious apples are good for fresh eating, pies, and sauces. This apple matures in mid-season and is is very productive, vigorous tree. The fruits texture is crisp and firm.

Matsu Apple Tree

The Matsu Apple has a moderately sweet flavor with firm, juicy and creamy white flesh. Its skin color is a yellowish green with an orange blush. The Matsu apple is also known as Crispin. This apple is vigorous, fairly early, and the fruit is large and oblong shaped. It is excellent for fresh eating, sauces, pies, and baking. This apple stores and keeps well.

Granny Smith Apple Tree

The Granny Smith apples have been cultivated for at least 140 years. Sour apple fans will tell you that the Granny Smith should not be cooked, but eaten raw. If you crave and enjoy a juicy burst of tartness, this apple is for you. This glorious tree has handsome supermarket-size (up to 3" diameter) apples. Plant these in the yard and you'll be pickin' sweet and hearty apples when the snow flies, because they ripen in early November! It is known for keeping its zesty flavor even when it is used for cooking or sautéed.

Sonata Apple Tree

The Sonata apple has a taste that is similar to a Golden. It is a medium sized apple with excellent flavor. It is a very attractive apple, with a bright, pinkish red blush over a yellow background. With a firm and finely grained, creamy colored flesh, it is cold hardy and highly precocious and productive. The Sonata keeps well in storage, retaining its flavor essences better than Gala. Matures similar to Golden Delicious. Primary assets are the combined excellent cosmetics with a pleasant exciting flavor.

Wine Sap Apple Tree

The Winesap apple is an old apple variety. It is still one of the leading strains being grown in the US. Winesap apples are good for eating, juice, and baking. Juicy and tart, the Winesap apple has a crisp, yellowish flesh covered with a deep red skin. This all-purpose apple has good keeping qualities. The fruit is good sized. The flesh is tinged with yellow and sometimes red veins run through it. It is a firm, rather coarse, moderately crisp apple with a sprightly, medium acid taste. It is resistant to russeting.

Red Delicious Apple Tree

The Red Delicious apple is America’s favorite snacking apple.The Red Delicious is the most widely grown variety of apple in the world. Red Delicious apples have firm, white or cream white flesh that is juicy, aromatic, sweet tasting. The heart shaped fruit is bright red and sometimes exhibits some red striping. Red Delicious apples look great for a long time so they are the favored choice for holiday centerpieces and wreaths. The fruit keeps fresh very well and can be found year around in stores.









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